Here we have our reluctant hero's friend Nick.  He goes by Hulk when he hits the pavement. Nick is the typical retired metal head with a flair for smashing things with his sledgehammer.  Compared to our hero, Nick is a crass, but loveable, behemoth who rushes into an oncoming horde of Zead and always comes out on top.

Once friends long ago, Nick and Phil found one another while both were scrounging the streets looking for supplies shortly after the initial outbreaks in their town.

Some interesting facts about Nick are as follows:

-Built like a damned tank

-Wants to die fighting the Zead, or on top of a huge pile of money with many beautiful ladies.

-Wears no armor.  Doesn't care about getting bit.

Height - 6' 2"


Weight - 256 lb


Age - 26




-Wears goggles because he doesn't like blood in his eyes






-Enjoys smashing zead's heads

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