19 March 2013

I must apologize for the long absence.  Work coupled with an internship over in Santa Monica has kept me busy and incredibly tired.  This post will hopefully get me back on track.  I had a bit of an awakening of sorts this morning.  I don't know if t was the cookies & cream Pop-Tarts (amazing btw), the lack of traffic, the dreary overcast morning, or the four hours of sleep I got but I felt a nice day coming on.  Not a great day, but a nice one.  I feel very good about the upcoming weeks and I hope the reality doesn't let me down.  We shall see I suppose.

Today's song is a call for our hero to wake up, but also for me to wake up and get my work done instead of doting about around town in a sleepy funk.  Enjoy!

Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up

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